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Training seminar

The seminar’s target is to help producers, who start working with solid surface , avoid the most common mistakes, render assistance in arranging production and achieve high quality of solid surface products 12,7 mm in thickness as soon as possible.

Attending the seminar you will learn and go deeply into the technology of manufacturing solid surface products. As a result of attending the seminar the products quality will improve and the number of reclamations will drop. Besides, you will learn about methods of falling costs for production process and about innovations on the market of equipment and tools.

You will become aware of such typical mistakes made by the producer’s as:

  • Incorrect flat area bonding
  • Impropriety of seals in the area of cooktops
  • Incorrect bent-end
  • Incorrect bonded edge
  • Incorrectly fabricated integrated wall skirting


Seminar Plan


  • Solid surface market brief review
  • Products samples
  1. Storage and transportation
  2. Material cutting
    • Material’s characteristics
    • Examples of cutting
    • Tools of necessity
  3. Bonding
    • Tools of necessity
    • Methods of joints matching
    • Working with adhesive
  4. Thermoforming
    • Equipment of necessity
    • Defects
  5. Fabrication of edges and bends
  6. Cutouts for home appliances
    • Rules of fabrication
    • Examples of defective products
  7. Fabrication of a boarding
    • Material
  8. Fabrication of wall skirting
  9. Fabrication of anti-overflow
  10. Sanding and polishing
  11. Repairs
  12. Pasting-in and installation of a sink or a bowl
  13. Seminar period: 8-9 hours

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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