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Solid Surface

Solid Surface (acrylic artificial stone) is a composite material which consists of mineral filler, acrylic resin and pigment.

Solid surface is a solid non-porous material dyed through all its depth allowing any kind of finishing. The parts of an item are bonded together with special adhesive which corresponds to the color of the solid surface itself and after sanding the seams look almost invisible and it makes an impression that the item is made of a monolith piece.

Under hitting the solid surface can be given almost any shape sometimes the most fantastic.

Solid surface like no other material can be used for fabrication of such items.

Exquisite beauty, wide color range (more that 100 colors), durability and aging quality makes solid surface the ideal material for creation of interiors absolutely different in style and performance.

After all none of natural or artificial materials combine so many advantages at a time:

  • Eco-friendly;
  • Resistant to scratches, blows and other mechanical impacts;
  • Invisible seams;
  • Non-porous structure which doesn’t absorb or emit anything;
  • Bacteria - and fungi-proof;
  • Chemically inert;
  • Easily cleaned with plain soapy water even if acutely dirtied;
  • Adopting to external temperature.

Solid surface items are exclusive because they are hand-made. That’s why they are objectively unique and inimitable.

Different materials features analysis is presented below.

Material Wood Marble Ceramics Solid Surface
Fireproof - + + +
Contamination-proof - + + +
Chemical resistant - - + +
Shock resistant - - - +
Color maintenance - + - +
Durability - + - +
Invisible seams - - - +
Easy Fabrication + - - +
Easy Installation + - - +
Easy-to-Care + - - +

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