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Standard Akrilika Stone® Countertops

In the framework of our Finished Products Program Akrilika Holding is glad to present you an ideal variant of countertops: standard tables and countertops useful both for commercial sphere (bank, hotel and reception countertops) and for living spaces (kitchens, bathrooms etc.) They are easy for care and practically equivalent to expensive natural stone.

Solid surface countertops are resistant and durable, they seem to combine contradictory features: esthetic appearance and functionality and pragmatism. Thank to this they are widely used in any space creating beautiful and attractive interior, giving accent to the style of a kitchen or a bathroom, enhancing prestige of an office, making your office more respectable and your home more comfortable. Solid surface countertop is unreplaceable for the mostly visited organizations, such as: entertainment centers, cinemas, banks, hotels, restaurants; this is so because it is practical and durable, it can match many other materials: glass, wood, metal.

Not any modern bar, restaurant or café, all the more a flat can go without a countertop. This item suffers various effects every day. Nevertheless, Akrilika Stone® solid surface countertop carries big load, doesn’t absorb water, dirt, oils and resists scratches and temperature drops. And these are not all its advantages! It is easy for care and handling, it doesn’t need any special attention, and unlike natural stone it can be easily and invisibly restored in case of damage: the breakaway fragment can be simply changed to another one. And it is almost impossible to see the glued seam with a naked eye. No one will guess that the countertop’s surface was restored.

As a matter of fact, Akrilika Stone® countertop damage is a very hard and unlikely process. The fine and respectable exterior of the countertop doesn’t change in course of time. It’s only necessary to fulfill simple directions for use in order to keep its original state.

Akrilika Holding is offering solid surface countertops of many colors. Finished standard solutions are available. The variety of colors let the products fit in the interior not only by its form but also by its color scheme.

The supreme quality of Akrilika Stone® countertops has the most optimal ratio to price and provides for long service life. Our products will become an outstanding decoration of your apartments bringing endless pleasure of the purchase.

Types of countertops

Standard Akrilika holding solid surface countertops are fabricated in the following sizes:

  • 1500x700mm
  • 1200x700mm
  • 1400x600mm
  • 1200x600mm

We are able to fabricate countertops using any color of our collection. The offer is open for wholesale customers if they order twenty and more pieces.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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