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Akrilika Stone® 30mm Ready-to-Use Sills

The unique offer for reasonable price!

We are happy to recommend our unique proposition - an absolutely new solution on the solid surface market - high quality finished window sills warehouse program. 30 mm modified surface is an ideal material for window sills. Thank to finished window sills warehouse program we managed to achieve big reduction of the item’s cost for the end user.

  • Reasonable price for the premium material (thank to absence of cutting waste, transportation, pattern cutting and hand work – it is made in factory conditions with minimum expenses)
  • Fast term of order fulfillment (warehouse program)
  • Easy installation and finishing of the window sills (hand tools, no need of bonding or special skills)

Possible colors

The best qualities of solid surface and a good reasonable price are combined in this new Akrilika Holding product.

Possible dimensions

Please note that 30mm Ready-to-Use Sills are offered in 16 different dimensions, as follows:

1200x250, 1500x250, 1700x250, 2000x250, 2300x250
1400x400, 1500x400, 2000x400, 2300x400
1400x500, 1500x500, 2000x500, 2300x500
1500x600, 2000x600

Akrilika Sills. Advantages

30 mm modified surface is ideal for window sills fabrication.

Here is the short list of the modified surface advantages:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Elegant exterior
  • Resistance to staining
  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • Easy cleaning

While wood and PVC plastic lose their exterior and durability in course of time, 30 mm solid surface window sills guarantee to serve long. Their surface isn’t prone to oxidation and it’s absolutely waterproof. Produced under modern technologies they are impact resistant and able to carry a load compared with the weight of an adult. Moreover, the material is fire resistant. Without any special care it will serve for many years.


The finishing technology let make a window sill of necessary form and geometry. They are successfully installed and used in modern private spaces, trade, entertainment and office centers – in places where the interior attraction is especially important. It is possible to set the pace to the interior, emphasize beneficial aspects and deepen the impression of the room or the office by the form, material and the design of the window and the window sill.


Giving preference to elegant extraordinary solid surface window sill one can attach reputable look to the windows and give favorable impression to the visitors.


30 mm solid surface window sill is very useable and can be easily cleaned.


Seamless union of elements of the window sill’s construction excludes the risk of bacteria generation in the joints. Its smooth surface can be perfectly cleaned and disinfected. Stains are rubbed away easily.


Solid surface window sill won’t suffer wet influence, deformation under daily average temperature drops and its color won’t fade away under direct sun light. That’s why even after many years it will look brand new. Mold and fungi will never appear on its surface.


30 mm solid surface window sills are considered to be an absolutely reliable, bright, unforgettable and stylish element of décor which at the same time has the most important functional property – perfect thermal conductivity.


Of no little interest is the fact that 30 mm solid surface is ideal for fabrication of countertops of smaller sizes because the process of production becomes much easier and the term of production shortens by several times.


Unlike solid surfaces of smaller thickness (12.7, 6, 3 mm) 30 mm solid surface is very processible: there’s no need to give volume to the item, bond its edges, glue it to the baseboard. In fact, only the item’s boarder needs finishing for the fabrication of a counter-top. As a result, fabrication procedure becomes much easier, error rate becomes lower, the production cost drops and the production speed grows.




Samples of Akrilika 30mm Ready-to-Use Sills are presented in a stylish cases.
Please ask Akrilika Holding representative offices and dealers.


Below are the drawings of Akrilika 30mm Ready-to-Use Sill.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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