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Akrilika Deco® Wall Panels

Akrilika Holding is happy to present its new product – decorative Akrilika Deco 3D acrylic wall panels with intense relief surface. Decorative relief panels are produced in 9 variations and they provide many solutions in interior design sphere.

The panels can be nicely combined with other materials, wood, for instance.

Decorative 3D panels are produced in two standard sizes:
930 х 2320 mm
1200 х 2400 mm
The panels’ thickness is 10mm.


Ready-made lighting solutions - AkriLight®

Akrilika Holding offers ready-made lighting solutions - AkrilLight brand which is used with our decorative panels on the basis of RGB-light-emitting diodes providing color control. Thank to specially developed light-conducting solid surface, the panels which are made of it, can be dramatically illuminated from their back sides as well as from outer marginal sides emphasizing the panels’ relief.


Frames for Akrilika Deco® panels

Additionally we can provide you with wooden frame for the panels or aluminium light profiles for backward and side light.

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Akrilika Deco® is:

  • Beautiful
  • Modern
  • Water-proof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy-to-mount
  • Flexible
  • «seamless»
  • Extraordinary

Akrilika Deco ® Wall Panels prove to be a modern alternative to decorative stuccowork, complex coloring and other demanding and expensive means of walls finishing.

Akrilika Deco ® panels are made of solid surface – eco-friendly material, resistant to damages. These properties let the material use in educational, children and medical centers. The pattern and the finish of the panels is developed by professional designers taking into account modern trends. Imitation of waves, semi-columns, brick and stone layout, bark – these are the examples of Akrilika Deco ® models.

Akrilika Deco ® panels are offered in the A405 Translucent White color.

Akrilika Holding suggests its customers use light conductivity of the Akrilika Deco ® panels for finishing purpose and thus create extraordinary, fantastic interiors.

Besides, Akrilika Deco ® panels can be custom-made under individual design of the buyer in small limited lots. In this case Akrilika Holding guarantees the uniqueness of the lot and issues a special certificate indicating model, series and quantity of Akrilika Deco ® sheets.

Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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