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The Holding

Akrilika is an international holding in the area of chemical production and solid surface manufacturing, headquartered in Hong Kong. Now holding includes companies from six countries: Hong Kong, Germany, China, Poland, Bulgaria and Russia.


The company was founded in 1993. Initially Akrilika Holding distributed in Europe chemical products (of such world producers as BASF, Dow Chemical, Union Carbide, Ciba, Merck) and solid surface materials of DuPont (Corian, Montelli, Zodiaq) as well as more than 100 other articles from DuPont trade-list.


Rapid growth and development allowed Akrilika to invest into its own production facilities in South-East Asia. In 2005 the holding purchased an enterprise in China and became one of the biggest solid surface producers in Eastern Europe supplying the market such brands as AKRILIKA STONE, AKRILIKA DESIGN, AKRILIKA DECO, APIETRA, AKRILIKA KRISTALL, SANITOP, TAKKONOTORI and others. Akrilika production lines are fitted with new advanced equipment. Special attention is paid to ecological safety and high quality standards, meeting international norms and requirements.


Regional offices of Akrilika now operate in China, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and Russia and serve regional markets in more than 20 countries, including the the USA, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia etc.


Akrilika design palette now offers more than 150 colors and patterns in four collections: Akrilika Stone, Design, Kristall and Apietra. In addition to solid surface Akrilika also manufactures readymade items and surfacing products (window sills, sinks, bowls, wall-cladding panels and others).


The Holding also has a special Akrilika Tools Department offering assortment of tools and equipment necessary for solid surface fabrication process.


In 2007 the company has started up the International Russian-German Akrilika-FESTOOL Training Center (AFTC) which is instructing fabricators directly in all aspects of work with solid surface.


Since 2013 Akrilika holding is a key partner of ISFA (International Surface Fabricators Association) in Russia.


Huge variety of colors, efficient supplies, reliable service and a good price - all of these factors contribute to our stability.


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Akrilika Poland

Akrilika has launched a representative office in Wroclaw, Poland, intended to serve different European markets.

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Solid Surface

Solid surface has a variety of advantages, like versatility, firmness, ecological safety, non-porous structure and of course, seamless joints.

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Akrilika Holding is an international company, the base concept of which has always been a high level standard of quality at optimal price.

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